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frequently asked questions

Q: What is High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT)?
A: HPLT is a medical procedure that uses highly focused laser light energy to treat pain and inflammation. It works at the cellular level by stimulating the body's natural healing processes. It works equally as well, whether the injury is acute or chronic.

Q: Is the treatment painful?
A: No, actually it is quite comfortable and soothing. Only a feeling of deep warming and pain relief is felt during the treatment.

Q: Why should I consider laser treatment at NJ Laser Care?
A: The Avicenna High Power Laser Therapy device for many years has demonstrated the ability to treat patients who have failed traditional insurance base medical procedures. Dr. Maimone has brought this revolutionary technology into his practices because of this. However, you do not have to fail therapy to be a candidate for the Avicenna Laser, especially if you want to recover from a specific injury significantly faster than what conventional medicine has to offer.

Q: Why is High Power Laser Therapy better than traditional types of medicine?
A: Unlike in traditional medicine, we try to identify the reason why your condition developed in the first place. Many times when dealing with conditions from the low back to the feet, they are gait and biomechanically related. Once we identify these issues we then try to accommodate or correct the biomechanical cause for your pain. This is typically done with a custom orthotic. Once an optimal environment for tissue healing is achieved, the laser will be able to reduce your inflammation and heal your injury on a long term if not permanent basis.

Q: How many treatments does it typically take?
A: Most conditions require between 6 and 15 sessions to achieve a maximum therapeutic result from HPLT.

Q: Why doesn't my insurance cover this?
A: Because the High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) does not have its own distinct CPT code. It is not yet recognized by most insurance payers including Medicare. Millions of dollars and years of research are needed for this type of therapy to be considered by insurance companies for coverage. Also, insurance companies are more interested in making money than helping patients and have been looking to cut payments of existing services and are not likely to add new ones.

Q: Will I need to continue treatments indefinitely?
A: No, our goal at NJ Laser Care is to try and correct or accommodate biomechanical abnormalities and then encourage healing by your body thru High Power Laser Therapy. Our results are therefore better and long term, all without side effects!

Q: What is the cost of a treatment?
A: A customized treatment plan will be formulated upon completion of a comprehensive physical exam and diagnosis. Costs vary greatly depending on the severity of your condition and the number of treatments required.