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ankle sprains

An ankle sprain is a very common injury in athletes and non-athletes alike. It happens when the ligaments that hold the ankle joints in place are stretched beyond their normal limits. If there is a severe rolling in or out of the foot, twisting, or turning, the ligaments may actually tear resulting in an audible "Pop," pain and swelling, and discoloration.

There are three grades of sprains:

  1. A Grade one or Mild sprain involves Slight stretching and some damage to the ligament. Treatment includes rest, ice, compression and elevation.
  2. A grade two sprain involves partial tearing of the ligament and abnormal looseness of the ankle joint. Treatment is the same as with a grade one sprain with the addition of a device to immobilize the joint such as a splint.
  3. A grade three sprain is a complete tear of the ligament and can be associated with permanent weakness and instability. Surgery is rarely needed, although a short leg cast may be used.

All sprains, no matter the severity will require a rehabilitation program should emphasize balance training to prevent re-injury. Custom foot orthotic devices have been shown to aid in the recovery from an ankle sprain, and improve balance during standing and walking. Follow a program designed by Dr. Maimone to also include rest, restoring range of motion, and gradually returning to your normal activities.

Laser treatments will help to significantly reduce pain, swelling and recovery time. This is accomplished because not only does the laser have an analgesic effect which reduces pain, but it increases circulation to the injured area which speeds up the helaing process.