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achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis can cause pain in the back of the heel. This condition occurs when the tendon that runs from the calf, behind the ankle, and connects at the back of the heel is strained causing tears along its length. The result is pain, inflammation, and possibly the development of a bony growth of the back of the surface of the heel bone. This is called an insertional calcification of the Achilles tendon and in some cases, lumps may develop on the back of the heels.

The traditional surgery for this condition is very extensive and includes the removal of the achilles tendon from the back of the heel, removal of any bone spurs, and then reattachment of the tendon with a large screw. this is followed by a cast and non-weight bearing rest of up to 6-8 weeks.Following cast removal, 6-8 weeks of physical therapy is usually needed.

Another option, steroid injections, has been shown to cause weakening of the achilles tendon, which can lead to tearing and the need for surgery to repair the tear.

The laser, again, is an excellent alternative which works by reducing pain and inflammation, as well as promoting healing by increasing circulation to the area. Orthotics to control any mechanics problems that may have contributed to the problem are also needed.